Our cows

Our cows determine the taste, texture and creaminess. Our Ayrhires make a sweet, easy to drink milk. Because the cows graze, the taste of the milk changes every week through the summer. As the temperature changes, different grasses are thriving, and each type of grass makes the milk slightly different. Sometimes it is more creamy, other times it is more sweet, other times it is yellower or whiter.

Each cow produces about 1,100 gallons of milk each year. They start milking after they have their first calf and milk for about 10 months.

Then they are “dry” for about 2 months. This is a time when we don’t milk the cow. They rest, their mammary gland rejuvenates and they eat. During this dry period, the cow gains the body condition she will need during the first six weeks after calving, when her body will demand more energy than she can consume.